Reality Bites

They walked in, fingers intertwined, with wide grins, brimming with pride it seems.

It all becomes dull, and boring. They just don't know it yet.

"The biggest fish in the river gets that way, by never getting caught"


A reminder

No Matter Where You Are - Us the Duo

Often I seem to forget about the things that matter the most, and how I should treat the people I love, better. Often, I overlook how others, like me, don't have everything figured out yet, and they deserve the benefit of the doubt, and don't deserve expectations to be hung over their heads. This is a reminder to my future self: Don't push the people you love away. Give them the love they deserve. And most importantly, be understanding.

His willing hand did not put two people together for nothing. But you are in control of your own emotions, words and actions. Constantly remind yourself and be cautious about how you come off based on your actions. Be gentle, loving and kind. Pick your words wisely, choose your battles.

I didn't think being caught up in the chaos of things would cause you to become more vague on the inside. Be centred. Know who you are, and what you are capable of. Then radiate joy.

Gardenia Flower
Do not fear or worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself. Leave that in his hands. Be still and pray, and always have faith.

Finally, remember that you are blessed, and loved, and always, always be grateful.

VCR - The xx




(Hanoi, Vietnam)


The Neighbourhood - Afraid

If only we remember

"Find my hand
in the darkness
and if we
cannot find
the light,
will always
make our

- Tyler Knott Gregson


There is no place for dreamers

Take away my words and the beauty that once resided in my mind, but never take away my sanity.

Feel the sun on my skin, feel the earth through my toes, feel the water on my face, feel the wind in my hair. Feel your fingers run along my spine, gently touching my skin, feel your hand around my waist, feel your lips against my lips, as if they unlocked something no one has managed to unlock before, feel your body next to mine, where it belongs.

And I know for some reason, God has willed it so.


Inviting all the darkness in, I don't feel so alone

"With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair"

The semaphore message on your lips/ Some lovers know its never gonna wear out.

I hope when the moment comes, I'll be able to say "I did it all".
"Gave it all"
"Consecrated all (to him)"

And know that there is a time and reason for everything. Whether or not I be able to accept it now, I hope one day I would.

"His strength is made perfect in your weakness"

For all the graces you have shown me, God, I cannot ask for more. To dwell in your love alone has always been enough.


Black and Grey

And I look at all these faces wondering if they genuinely do care, or they're too busy worrying about themselves. Behaving as if they have it all figured out, when they actually are frantically trying to find those broken off and chipped off pieces of glass that hurt at the touch.

For the galaxies that exist on the pinpoint of a human mind, we are pretty damn shallow. For the wealth of words we were blessed with, we are pretty damn impoverished. So many things to do, so many people to meet, so many words left unsaid, and days left undiscovered, things left unexplored. And we ask ourselves why aren't we happy, when we have full control of our lives and subconsciously turn everything that was seemingly going good for us, into shit.

We suck as people.


In time, this too shall pass

He stole something of hers that she wanted back.

She looked at him, dejected. She felt something leave her, again. Into his eyes she stared. She felt, for that brief moment that everything would be ok; That for that brief moment, she was sure that things would turn out fine.

Keyword: 'brief'.

But everything is transient, temporary. She wanted so much to tell him that she thought he was pretty awesome and she was glad, that by some luck, their paths had crossed.

He said he moved on; he said he grew tired.

She looked away.
Suddenly all the words she wanted to say grew old, grew rusty.

Everything is transient, temporary. She grew sad, but she never said it. Like a pill, hurt was always the hardest to swallow. She was convinced she could take any amount of physical pain. She prepared herself.

But this, this gnawing of her heart strings, this - she was unprepared for.

She looked to him again, now hard. She told herself she did not need this. That she was foolish. But for that brief moment, she left herself bare; For that brief moment, she believed it was not a stupid thing to do.

Keyword: 'brief'.